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Downloadable PDF list of our tent and vinyl products

At AAble Rents we extensively research the merits and long term viability of each of the product lines we offer our clients.  Melding each systems features and aesthetic appeal  with its strength and engineering study.  No detail is overlooked prior to our investment.  

Details such as the actual vinyl composition used on all of our tent products other than Our Clearspan Structures and Tidewater Sail Cloth Tents.   We dictate that all other vinyl lines, including our sidewalls, are constructed using the same 160z Snyder Manufactured vinyl.  We found that Snyder vinyl is whiter, more durable, and resists wear better than any other laminated vinyl material.  In order to sell to AAble Rents, our manufacturers must purchase and construct our products using this material, even if they don’t stock it.

We also found an error in how vinyl tops traditionally would attach to aluminum frames.  The design flaw was causing depressions along the edge of  traditional and gable frame tent systems.  Depressions that would allow water to collect along the edge of the tents, causing “bagging” during rainstorms.  We redesigned the attachment system and mandate our design be used in the construction of each of our gable and traditional frame tops.. Yes it is more expensive for us to buy, but we stand behind the quality and consistent look and functionality of all of our tents!

Below is an ACTUAL screen shot of an order depicting AAble Rents specific dictations in BOLD for reference.  (pricing has been removed)

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