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AAble Rents offers a premium Wood Center pole line in the rental industry!

We first purchased our line of Aztec Tidewater sailcloth tents in February of 2013.  We quickly realized that there wasn’t a wood center pole on the market that would satisfy their specific compression load requirements, thus negating the systems 50 mph wind rating.  We developed the line through extensive R&D, using our experience and added our custom pole cap weldment & base plate cover.  After field testing the line through the 2013 tent season, we brought these beautiful, masterfully crafted engineered wood center poles to market in 2014.  We manufacture and ship 10-16 days from date of order,  no matter the season! We cut absolutely no corners in the design, construction material or manufacturing process.  They were built to last!  Why?
Because we use them ourselves, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Here are some features that you’ll love:

• All of our poles feature a custom  pin weldment pole cap using flat galvanized wood screws to ensure the pin wont pry loose overtime.

• Our custom painted steel base plate keeps the wood from splintering, leading to a greater longevity and increased ROI for each pole.

• We offer a variety of sizes:

• 32W Sailcloth in 19′ and 21’*
• 44W Sailcloth in 22′ and 25’*
• 51W Sailcloth in 24′ and 27’*
• 57W Sailcloth in 25′ and 29’*

*all sizes assume an 8 ft leg height

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Trade Magazine Recognized Quality


AAble Rent’s Engineered Wood Center Poles were featured in InTents Magazine’s April 2014 issue.  

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