• Why do you require a 50% deposit to reserve?

    Your deposit takes your order from a QUOTE to a CONFIRMED order. All the items on your order are then taken out of our inventory and set aside under your name. These items are no longer available to rent to other clients between the dates of delivery and pick up on your order. Although we have a large inventory of equipment, we do run out. In our busy season, we average between 175-225 deliveries per weekend. Your deposit is your commitment to us that the equipment that we reserve for your event will be utilized. It is also a commitment from us to follow through on the delivery of your order.

  • What if I have to cancel my order prior to delivery, what happens to my deposit?

    If the order is cancelled outside of 30 days from DELIVERY DATE then your deposit is refunded in full. If the order is cancelled 11-29 days from DELIVERY DATE then 50% of your deposit is refunded. If the order is cancelled within 10 days of DELIVERY DATE then you forfeit the deposit. If the order is cancelled day of delivery, we then apply a labor charge on top of your deposit for the loading and unloading of the delivery truck. The amount of this charge is subject to the size order, and the labor cost we incur during the loading and unloading of the truck(s) needed to make your delivery.

  • When do I need to reserve the equipment for my order? Is it too late?

    This is subject to availability and schedules. It is much easier to order equipment last minute outside of our peak rental season (May-October), when the demand is not as great. Give us “as much time as possible” is the best advice. Our event specialists will give you a realistic expectation when they speak with you about your specific order. We pride ourselves on trying to accommodate all requests, no matter the notice given, but there are times when we can’t facilitate a request due to our inventory being completely reserved. Although we have a 70,000 square foot facility, that is full of equipment, it does run out. There are time throughout the year we have other rental companies or vendors come in and meet with us; they’ll see signs up that state “no more orders” for a specific time period. They laugh and say we are crazy for turning down orders. Although we may indeed have the equipment available, these signs go up for specific times when we know our operational staff of upwards of 70 people, due to intricate existing jobs etc., will not be able to service new orders up to the standard our clients have come to expect. We will not take a deposit or order for something from our clients that we cannot fully follow through on.

  • What time will my delivery/pickup be made?

    Our standard delivery charge is based on which city we are delivering to. May-October your delivery can arrive between 7:30am – 7pm. November – April your delivery can arrive anytime between 8:30am-5pm. We understand you are busy, and don’t want to have to wait at your home or business for us to arrive. We do offer a courtesy call, free of charge, to the delivery contact on your order, on the day of delivery. It is standard for clients to request a 30min or 1 hour heads up call. This request MUST BE noted under the comment section of the order. It is not standard for our event specialists to inquire if you would like us to call you. We dispatch up to 225 deliveries a week and time frames are constantly shifting as current orders change and new orders come in. You can call us between 4:30pm-5pm the day prior to your delivery and find out a 2 hour window for when your delivery is scheduled the following day. It is always best to call the morning of delivery, after 8:30am, and request to speak with dispatch.

  • What if I need the delivery/pickup at a specific time? Or time frame?

    No problem, we offer time stop deliveries to meet our clients need. We offer different options for time stops.  *Pricing is as follows:

    1. AM or PM DELIVERY/PICKUP  (arrive before noon or after noon)  $50
    2. 2 HOUR WINDOW  $75
    3. 1 HOUR WINDOW  $100

    * Pricing valid within standard seasonal operating hours.  

    7:30 am – 7:00 pm April 1st – Oct 31st

    8:30 am – 5:00 pm Nov 1st – March 31st

  • Do you deliver or pickup on the weekends or after hours?

    Yes we do.  AAbles after hours pricing structure is below.

    •  MONDAY – THURSDAY (PRESCHEDULED) $60 per man hour (including drive time) Minimum $150.00
    • MONDAY – THURSDAY (UNSCHEDULED) $75 per man hour (including drive time) Minimum $200.00
    • FRIDAY – SUNDAY (PRESCHEDULED) $75 per man hour (including drive time) Minimum $200.00
    • FRIDAY – SUNDAY (UNSCHEDULED) $90 per man hour (including drive time) Minimum $250.00




  • Is set up of the tables and chairs included in the price?

    No it is not. We always recommend that you ask volunteers and/or family members to help out first.  If all else fails we do offer a set up and knockdown service.  AAbles rates are below: 

    • Per Table (excluding high tops and bar sets which we set up) $2 up $2  down
    • Per Chair .50¢ up .50¢ down
    • Per Linen $1.50 on $1.00 off
  • Other Companies offer a Damage Waiver, why don’t you?

    The Damage Waiver is a “service fee” that is part of other companies’ rental costs. With this service, they state you will not be responsible for accidental damage to their equipment. All other damage/loss/neglect/misuse of equipment is NOT covered. The fee is generally a 10% surcharge of the equipment rented. Although it would be nice to receive an additional 10% on all of our rentals, we do not believe in charging for something that really has no benefit to our clients. We do have a 1% forgiveness policy. Example: if you rent 100 martini glasses and lose or break 1 then we write it off and do not charge you for it, this does not cost you anything. We do business this way because we expect the same ethical, upfront approach when we are purchasing from our vendors.

  • Do you charge for site inspections?

    We do not charge for site inspections. Most of the time we are able to pull your location up on satellite maps and measure your space from our office. We try and give you an approximate budget number to expect before surveying your space.

  • What size tent do I need?

    We have designed and built a game changing planning tool for just that!!  If you prefer to do things the more traditional way simply call us at 216-692-9800.  We love to talk tents!!  Its kinda our thing 🙂 

  • Do you do C.A.D. drawings for my event?

    Yes we do and they do not cost a penny when you rent from us!!  The design professionals at AAble are known throughout the industry for C.A.D. designs. We offer a unique service that we don’t want to share online, for those clients that are looking to do an event outside of Ohio, or are having their event in Ohio but can’t meet us in advance. We must have a signed contract before sending our C.A.D.s out via mail or email. We offer our C.A.D. services to outside planning firms and businesses at a rate of $125 per hour for non-event or party purposes also.

  • I see you have Commercial/Party/High peak options for your tents, what does this mean?

    We use this as a grading system for all of our tent vinyl. Every year we purchase new and re-grade our entire tent inventory to ensure that it meets the grade that it is priced under. This grading also happens during the year when necessary to ensure that the confidence that we convey to our clients about the aesthetic appeal of our products meet or exceed their expectations.

  • Why are your tents more expensive than XYZ Company?

    Generally the tents are not an “apples to apples” comparison. We are unlike most other tent rental companies in which we do not pick up a tent from one location and drop it off at your location without it being fully inspected and cleaned first. We have 6 full time employees in our tent maintenance department. When necessary, our tents are washed in our Teeco 3000 tent washing machine. There are currently only 64 of these machines in the nation, and we own the only one in Northeast Ohio. We are trusted to wash and maintain other rental companies’ inventory in the off-season, and no, we will not tell you who they are even if they are bidding against us. We are constantly reinvesting in our inventory with the top of the line tenting products that ensure when image counts, we have the newest and freshest products standing at your special event. We recognize that we do not fit every budget, but we do offer less expensive options to try and accommodate most budgets.

  • My Company is tax-exempt. What kind of paperwork do you need on file?

    We need either a “Sales and Use Tax, Blanket Exemption Certificate” or a “Resale Certificate” completed with signature and Vendor’s License / Tax ID Number. If you do not have this form, download it from the Ohio Department of Taxation. We cannot accept a Vendor’s License / Tax ID Number over the phone, nor can we accept a letter of application for tax exempt status from the IRS. We must have a physical copy of your certificate, with signature, for our files which can either be faxed or emailed. Until we have this form in hand, you will be charged tax on all orders.

  • We are a non-profit, do you donate or discount?

    On occasion we do offer donations for non-profit organizations or discounts. We are a for-profit company, but do our best to accommodate as many requests as we can. You must speak with an event specialist, or send a written request to our office via fax or mail.

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