100 – 10,000? Complete line of tenting and accessories to accommodate your event or festival! Do we travel?? Absolutely! Servicing Ohio/Michigan and Pennsylvania.

AAble Rents has been providing tents and equipment to North East Ohio’s largest events for nearly five decades. There is no question AAble Rents is the regions preferred outdoor large event partner.

What makes us different is our event specialist team, and AAble Rents unmatched experience supplying rental equipment for the large event segment. Be it a concert, church festival , sporting event, city festival, revival, fund raiser or any event of substance, AAble Rents has done them all. We hire and retain creative, passionate & patient individuals who take pride in being a part of the region’s largest outdoor or indoor events, year after year. We are confident that you will soon look to them as not only a representative of AAble Rents but an event partner. Our quality of service and ability to handle the larger tasks creates a strong comfort level with those organizing the events. We find that organizers of large events have the most defined vision of what and

how their event should be laid out and supplied. We will offer our expertise on how to accent your vision with the best product solutions to accomplish your desired effect.

Because of our enormous inventory, housed in an efficient 70,000 square foot facility, it is common for us to be involved in dozens of large events every week. On average; between the months of May and October, we have over 220 tents in the air being serviced by 80 operational employees working 2 shifts.

Being a one stop shop for tents, tables, chairs, staging, dance floors, bleachers, crowd control fencing and hundreds of other rental items, makes AAble Rents the preferred vendor for all the large events in North East Ohio. Browse the example galleries below, take your time. Then let’s get started, email us a site plan or lets talk today!

AAble Rents
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