Table & Chair Rentals For Weddings

Whether you are in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Columbus, Youngstown or as far as Detroit and anywhere in-between, look to AAble Rents to give you the best choice for table and chair rentals for weddings. Wish big for your wedding!

We have a dozen different table sizes to match your needs. We have rectangular tables, round tables, half-round tables and serpentine. If you have a party outside, our Garden Set is fantastic as well.

When you think about chairs for your big day, choose between black or white, padded or unpadded. We also have bar stools!

To look at all our tables and chairs for weddings, click here!

Here’s a quick guide to our table & chair rentals for wedding events:

Chairs: Choose between Padded or Unpadded

Rectangular Tables

8 foot – seats 8-10
6 foot – seats 6

8 foot by 4 foot – seats 10-12

Round Tables

72 inch – seats 10-12
60 inch – seats 8-10
48 inch – seats 6-8
36 inch – seats 2-4

Square Tables

54″ by 54″ – seats 8

AAble Rents
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